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Aprende español con el Chavo is a free game to learn Spanish language basics with the characters of El Chavo.

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Chapter 1

  • Colors: Identify colors, characters and objects.
  • Numbers: Identify numbers, numbers written with letters.
  • Shapes: Identify shapes, circle, square, triangle, star.
  • Opposites: Identify opposites. Example: boy-girl. Happy-Sad.

Chapter 2

  • Body Parts: We will identify and name the different parts of the body. Ask your child to identify differences and similarities between him and his family members.
  • Clothes: We will review vocabulary, when each thing is used, and the relationship between clothes and the body.
  • Seasons & Calendar: We will review months and link it to seasons and each month’s celebrations.
  • Sports: We will help link sports images to its vocabulary.
  • Family: We will identify each family member’s role so the child is able to learn more about his family’s history.
  • Friends: We will talk about friends being an important part of life.

Chapter 3

  • Food: We will work on our memory by linking foods and colors, we will also learn to differentiate healthy food from junk food.
  • Restaurant: We will learn some of the items you can find in a restaurant.
  • Transportation: We will memorize diffrent types of transportation.
  • Community helpers: We will identify the roles of our community helpers and the tols they need to do their jobs.
  • The city: We will link different places in the city to different images to practice what we learned through the video.

Chapter 4

  • Pets & Farm: We will identify different types of animals and their habitat.
  • Jungle & Circus: We will identify animals from both the circus and the jungle and we will learn why they can´t live in our homes as our pets.
  • Ocean & Beach: We will identify different animals living in the ocean and some activities you can do when you´re at the beach.
  • Forest & Insects: We will learn some of the animals living in the forest.
  • Animals: We will review some of the animals we have learned.
  • Pronouns & Verbs: We will learn the differences between pronouns and verbs.

Chapter 5

  • Beach
  • Park
  • Music

Chapter 6

  • Food
  • Costumes
  • Offerings


View the contents of each chapter